Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Day Out

Today we headed for a fun day at Adventureworld! We meet up with Amie, Ruby and Jonah and some school friends - Karri (Ella's bestie) her sister Ashlee and their Mum Simone.

The new Kahuna Falls was a huge hit
Jonah with Amie
Karri and Ella ride the kiddies roller coaster
Amie and Kate on the Power Surge. Ella was upset she is still too short for this ride.
Ella, Ruby, Ashlee and Kate
Ruby with a funny faced Jonah
On the Pirate Ship (second back row) Love Kates face!
Kate & Phil ride the Monorail
Ella and Karri check it out too!

Ruby takes a dip
Jonah and Pop Pop take a dip too
Kate was thrilled she was finally tall enough this year to ride on the Freefall!
Ella and Ruby on the Monorail

Kate takes a slide
and a swim in the big pool
Ruby & Ashlee ride the roller coaster

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday whatever you did!

1 comment:

Libby said...

Looks like an awesome day was had by everyone.

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