Monday, January 09, 2012

The Good Days

It's been a quietish day, falling gently back into the routine of chores with lots of play as well. I have been moving from room to room, FINALLY finding homes for all the Christmas gifts. All the camping gear has been put away until next time and all the washing is upto date. Yay for abundant sunshine.

Three new board games the girls got for Xmas packed away

We had a leisurely breakfast of pancakes around 10am. I am going to miss late breakfasts when school and dancing go back. We played Just Dance on the Wii for a bit. The girls had their hair crimped with Kates new hair crimper, and we visited our new neighbour for an hour where all the kids played Monopoly.

We needed fruit and veges, as Ella wanted some broccoli and cauliflower with tonights dinner. Seriously, that girl would eat broccoli at every single meal if she could. We also bought lettuce, celery, capsicum, sweet potato, bananas, cherries, grapes, kiwifruit and some licorice snuck its way into the basket too. Oh and gherkins. At Ellas request.

There was a platter of nibblies when we got home, they ate while watching Toy Story 3 (again!!!) I had a wee nana nap. It was lovely.

After a roast dinner, and a walk around the neighbourhood, Kate and I sat outside eating cherries while the sprinklers did the watering. Kate then decided she needed watering too.

We found Ella inside talking to Ruby on Facetime.

Modern technology has come such a long way

The girls spent time before bed drawing and colouring -in.

It's been a lovely day here, hope you have had a lovely one too.

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Libby said...

That does indeed sound like a lovely day. Nice and relaxing, yet you got some things achieved as well. I too am enjoying lazy mornings, and afternoons :-). It's so lovely that you're girls still play and do things together - I miss that. Amy, nearly 13, is too "cool" to do things with her sister, unless we're on holidays :-).

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