Saturday, March 10, 2012

Corymbia Festival

It was a STINKING hot day at 39 deg for the annual Corymbia Festival. The girls each performed their jazz from last years concert. Kate was in Sam I Am, and Ella in Ghostbusters!

I didn't get many photos at all. Not many of Kate - it was far too hot plus they kept disappearing on me! 

Ella side stage waiting to go on
Ella second right
I forgot to take a photo of Kate dancing until they were nearly finished
Once they finished dancing and got changed a snow cone was in order to keep cool
Ella tried unsuccessfully to get on the unicycle
This was much easier
Kate lined up for ages to get a balloon, which later popped
Ella and her younger friend Jess hung out together after they performed.
These giant balls were lots of fun
So were the horse rides. Sadly their were no camels this year.
Ella practises with some circus gear.
I hardly saw Kate once she met up with an old friend she used to go to school with.
Fireworks finished off a lovely afternoon/evening.

1 comment:

MrsW - Smell the Roses said...

What lovely memories :) your girls are beautiful!
Ruth :)

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