Monday, March 12, 2012

Listography: Top 5 cookbooks

 I'm joining up today with Kate from Kate Takes Five and listing my favourite five cookbooks!

1. New Zealands Edmonds Sure to Rise Cookbook. 
My most used cookbook, and I think the first cookbook I ever owned. Mine no longer has a cover, but it still used alot despite pages falling out. I bought Amie one when she left home and will get the other girls one each too when they leave the nest.

2. Simply Bill
I got this book out of the library a few times before I bought my own copy. It's a good all rounder.

3. Destitute Gourmet
Another favourite NZ cookbook, the first book that Sophie Grey wrote. I also have her next two books, but this is my favourite. Great if you are on a budget.

4. Jamie's Ministry of Food
My favourite of Jamie's. Good basic cooking, nothing too fancy. Good one for kids to learn from.

5. The Best of Alison Holst
Another NZ favourite of mine. I have a few of her books. This was well used by Amie growing up when she was learning to cook. The chocolate pudding and alphabet soup she learnt off by heart in a short time from this book. 


Kate said...

Love the idea of the destitute gourmet - I think most of us can tick that box!

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

I have so much over the years of this "Edmonds" cookbook Ailsa. I even saw it in my Mum's local confectionery warehouse. (They stock a lot of NZ sweets and biscuits.) Is there a lot of NZ specific ingredients or just normal ingredients? I'd love to check it out one day.

Anne xx

Menai said...

Oh, I'm so excited as I haven't heard of most of these - it's great to see cookbooks from around the world and get new ideas Alphabet soup sounds like a winner in our house!

ClaireTet said...

I can't find my Alison Holst book but there are some good staples in there. Love those Destitute Gourmet books too. I ate at one of Bill Granger's restaurants in Japan this week and the food was amazing. I will definitely be looking for his books. Great to see another kiwi on the list!

Carolyn said... far the only other entry for Bill Granger, he needs to up his presence here in the UK. I love his breakfasty bits...gingerbread pancakes & coconut toast, yum!
PS...the Rose Garden Cafe looks gorgeous!

Emily (@amummytoo) said...

What a great list. Most I hadn't heard of before :)

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