Friday, April 27, 2012


Well we are back from a most wonderful place in the World. I've come back pretty sick, but hopefully it will be short-lived now I'm home and can rest. Fortunately, I got sick on our last night, so it only ruined our last day a bit.

I have so many photos, so there will be lots to look at. When I'm feeling better, I'll come back and add some text.

Ella took the photos coming into HK.


Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Geez, that went quick Ailsa. So sorry to hear you got sick. Can't wait to see all the photos. I never get sick of seeing your photos. Trust the girls enjoyed themselves.

Get better soon.

Anne xx

Libby said...

Welcome home (I think :-)). Sorry to hear you were sick. That is NO FUN when you're on holiday. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more about your trip.

Reneelharvey said...

Sorry you got crook, Ailsa! Was it the stinky durian fruit? LOL

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