Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Day

Tonight my family fly back to NZ. We've had a lovely time, leaving us all pretty exhausted. The girls are looking forward to getting their rooms back. I'll miss my sister who has been my cleaning and organizing fairy. We had tea out last night at the kids favourite restaurant - Sizzler. I had some time to myself in the afternoon (once again thanks to my sister!) so I got my hair done. Otherwise we've been out and about seeing the sights and drinking numerous cups of tea!

The bandicoot that dined with us


Libby said...

So wonderful for you and your girls to get spend special time with your Mum and Sister. I'm sure you'll all miss them when they go. But you've made lots of wonderful memories. And Ailsa you look much to cute to be a Grandma :-).

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Love the new 'do' Ailsa. I can see where the girls get their good looks from. So glad you had some time with your Mum and sister.

Anne xx

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