Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 Yesterday was a much quieter MD than usual with Phil, Brendan and Ruby all away. The girls woke me up with presents and cards and pictures!  Then Kate made me breakfast. It's nice when they get to an age where they can make me a meal!
 Kate, Ella and I met up with Amie and Jonah at Sizzler for lunch. It was really busy but we managed to get a table pretty quickly. The weather was cool and wet, so after lunch we went to Amie's house for awhile. I hardly took any photos, I'm a bit disappointed now I didn't take more - especially of each Mum with their kids!

These are all I took, and they were taken at Sizzler!

Ella always choose healthy food
Kate chooses more junky food!

I hope all Mums out there had a lovely day yesterday!

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Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Happy Mother's Day Ailsa. My daughter's plate would look like Kate's for sure. LOL I haven't been to Sizzler since the kids were babies because of this. I might venture there again one day soon. Can't wait for the day either until the kids can make breakfast in bed. I enjoyed handmade gifts yesterday as well as a few well thought out ones from the school Mother's Day stall. It was a big deal for me to see my son write "Mummy" on the card for me. It was great.

Anne xx

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