Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday was our mid-year dancing concert where we get to see a snippet of how hard the kids have been working so far this year. I meant to get a photo of the three girls (Ruby was dancing too) before we left home. but in the rush I forgot. I don't like to take my camera in the dressing rooms now due to too many parents thinking you are photographing their child, and of course no photography is allowed in the theatre. At the end of the concert, was the continuation of the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) Competitions that started two weekends agao, but due to Perths massive storm that day, power was lost and the comps were cancelled 10 minutes before Kate was due to perform.
So she got to compete yesterday, and placed 2nd! She was thrilled with her trophy, medal and $75 gift voucher! She did a fantastic job!
I got a photo of Ella too once we got home, she loved performing in the mini concert, but is too shy to dance solo on the stage with a judge!

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Libby said...

Well done Kate. A $75 gift vochure is a pretty awesome prize.

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