Saturday, June 30, 2012

Horse Trail Ride

We headed up into the hills today for a horse trail for Kates Birthday. It was her choice this year instead of a party. The boys stayed at home (Phil, Brendan and Jonah) and the girls went. Jonah is a bit too young yet.

Amie rode on JT, a beautiful chestnut gelding!

The girls rode ponies (due to it being so so busy this morning with lessons that all the 'horses' were taken)

We headed out the gate and off on our hour long ride.

The day was a glorious one. Warm in the sunshine and lots of blue sky. So peaceful in the country!

I was at the back all the way on a beautiful Appaloosa Mare called Suzie. No pictures of me I'm afraid, there really was no time!

Ruby was led most of the way on this Shetland Cross called Cocoa. Isn't she just gorgeous!

We couldn't have asked for a better day weather-wise. It's the best day we have had all week!

It was wonderful to see Kates confidence grow as we progressed along. She rode on Tinky.

We rode through lots of bush. In some place the track was down to single lane, so we all got back into line.

I only managed to get a quick photo at the end, as we were running behind time and the next people were waiting. Ella rode on Alice, a Welsh A mare.

Afterwards they sat on the 'pretend' horse!

We visited the ponies once they were back in their paddock.

When we got home, we had Kate's birthday cake that Amie made! Isn't it great!

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