Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to School

The holidays are over. It's back to uniforms, packed lunches, homework and out of bed at 7am. It's going to be hard. We've enjoyed every minute of the break. I've loved hanging out with the girls. We only really did a few outings preferring to relax at home. As we go out alot during term time, it's nice to be able to potter around the house catching up on neglected chores, reading with no clock watching, late leisurely breakfasts, and sitting down to watch a movie at 8:30pm if we please. Here we go Term Three! The year is flying by fast!

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MrsW - Smell the Roses said...

Isn't this year just flying! It always is a nice time when holidays roll around and like you, we tend to potter at home and not go out much. My boys went back last week and it is very much a case of throw yourself back into it with a flurry of activity....I'm already looking forward to the next holidays :) Hope everyone settles back into school ok in your house this week. Regards, Ruth

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