Monday, July 02, 2012


Winter sunshine
Fancy hairstyle
They love to perch on the chairs
Face timing for the home kids!
Delicious dinner

The weather today was fantastic. Twenty Two degrees. It's going to be the same all week. Just fabulous. Kate was home sick today after putting herself to bed last night at 6pm with a sore throat, headache and temp. Up during the night, so with not much rest and still a headache she spent most of the day on the couch. Her and Jonah enjoyed face timing each other. I spent alot of the day outside. All the linen was washed and hung out. The chickens played outside (although the tiny ones would prefer to come in, and did for a bit when the door was left open) I visited a friend while Phil was home to stay with Kate. We finished off the day with a lovely roast dinner (which I didn't have to cook!)

I hope you all had a happy Monday too!

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MrsW - Smell the Roses said...

Hope your little one gets better soon! I also have a poorly one on the couch at the moment :( What beautiful sunshine you have there and I love the photo of your linen hanging on the line, so fresh :) Regards, Ruth

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