Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Work

We spent Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday extending the chook pen. The chooks had done a fine job of clearing up the garden for us, but now it was time to keep them more contained. They will still be allowed to free-range, but it will be when we are outside too and can keep an eye on them.
I'm so glad we got it mostly finished (still need to do the roof and paint when the weather is better) as today is raining and cool, so very much an indoors day.

Here's some pictures of it so far. I love the 'big' chook in the last photo!

We've tried to spend as less as possible, using recycled products where we can. The house was a bird aviary that was here when we bought the place, we could never really decide what to have in there. Their ladder perch is actually a towel rail that I got on clearance from the Reject shop. Works brilliantly. We'll grow some vines up the sides, probably another passionfruit and maybe a grape.

1 comment:

Libby said...

Love the chook area. You definitely can't have them free ranging all the time if you want to keep your grass. Love the towel rail idea - just brilliant. I'm so going to steal that idea.

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