Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Doings

With just Kate and I for most of the day (Phil is in Brisbane for work and Ella had a sleep-over with Ruby) I got really productive for a Sunday.
I made banana pikelets from this book  then queen cakes from this book
I painted the nesting box that Phil made last Sunday. After it was dry I left it outside to see if the chooks noticed.
I think they'll like them! The rest of the day was spent mowing, weeding and feeding the garden, cleaning the chicken coop and just pottering around. Kate had a friend over for the afternoon, Amie brought Ella home, the kids had a little play and they went home. All in all it's been a lovely Sunday.

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Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Hey Ailsa. You know, I think of you every time I go to the confectionery warehouse near my Mum's (well, my sister's place now). They've got a selection of NZ sweets and biscuits and they're now selling the Edmonds Cook Book. Its $19.95. I must buy it next time I go. I always tend to spend that $19.95 in lollies!

Anne xx

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