Monday, September 10, 2012

This is what we experienced yesterday!

Perth's warm spring dayBEACH WEATHER: Perth is experiencing its warmest start to spring in 18 years. Picture: Kerris Berrington Source: PerthNow

JUST five days after a hailstorm and a maximum of 15.9C, the mercury has almost reached 30C as Perth has its warmest start to spring in 18 years. 

The temperature reached 29.2C at 12.45pm this afternoon, which is 9C above the September average.
Perth has not experienced warm weather like this in early September since 1994 when also on September 9 the mercury reached 29.5C.
However, the onset of a sea breeze quickly cooled the temperature back to 25C.

The unusually warm early September weather comes after a string of very cool days in Perth this week.

I'm not looking forward to summer at all!


Libby said...

Goodness me. And you had such a hot summer last year as well. We're supposed to be in for a hot one this year (last years Summer was pathetic here).

The Doylies said...

LOL.Yes,I agree!Not looking forward to the dreaded heat!Or the flies!But what a stunning day yesterday aye?.Yes,you should get to east perth,beautiful colouful houses!Really lovely area.Where do you live?If you ever get down Port kennedy way,you should stop by for a cuppa.

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