Saturday, October 27, 2012

Power-Less Day!

We knew a few weeks ago that today our power would be off between 8am and 4pm while poles were upgraded in the next street.
The girls are fortunately at dancing for a good chunk of Saturdays so I only wanted to find a couple of extra things to do instead of sitting inside when the temperature outside was expected to reach 35 deg.

So before dancing, we checked out the opening of a local primary school (not the one our girls attend) community garden. It was pretty busy when we arrived just after 9am. I managed to pick up a few things but not as much fresh produce as I would have liked, However we all had a good time.

Most of the primary schools here now have vegetable gardens and chickens. The classes all spend time working outside which I think is fantastic. I would have loved this when I was at school!

While the girls were at dancing, I came home and packed a picnic. We headed to Churchman Brook up in the hills. The heat was pretty fierce though, even with a breeze and the flies ... oh boy!

By the time we got home just before 4:30pm the power had been restored! Hooray!!! Hope you all had a happy Saturday too!!!

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