Monday, October 08, 2012

School Holidays - Week Two

It was a pretty quiet day again. Ella and her friend played quietly all morning until I dropped Karri home.I spent every moment I could out in the beautiful sunshine. The garden is coming along nicely, everything growing at a fast rate. We picked up Kate mid-afternoon and headed to an appointment at Specs Savers to get their eyes tested (which was fully covered by Medicare) and to choose new frames. They both got two pair each (both covered through our PHI) so in total 4 pair for no extra charge. Now just to wait a week or so until they are ready!

Our very first day of 4 eggs

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Libby said...

Your garden is looking great. I had some birds eat all our lettuce, beetroot and silverbeet. This is the 6th year of our veggie garden and we've never had this happen before :-(.

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