Thursday, October 04, 2012


We decided yesterday that today would be a home day. The girls each had a friend over in the afternoon to play which they loved and the morning was spent pottering about. I got in and tackled Ellas room. It looks much better now. She has the smallest bedroom in the house (her choice) because she hates mess and by having the smallest room it means no one really hangs out in there. They usually hang in Kates room as hers is the master bedroom or in the spare room. I want to get another book case for Ella to give her more open storage as she is a collector of soft toys and is fast running out of room.

When their friends arrived I set up a game for them called the "taste test" where they got to try 12 different foods while blindfolded. They all did really well and guessed most of them correctly. It was really funny watching their reactions on their faces.

The chooks got plenty of attention today!

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Claire T said...

I really enjoyed this post. A fun day at home! The tea towels with a clip for blindfolds is absolutely genius!

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