Friday, November 30, 2012

End of Another Dance Year

Kate with her singing class which sung songs from the musical "Annie"

The two nights of concerts left us exhausted but so happy and proud! The girls performed beautifully. Ella was awarded the trophy in her singing class which she was super thrilled about. It is her very first trophy and it was her first year of singing, and out of twenty six kids that was a great achievement. I haven't got a photo of her with her trophy yet (there wasn't time late at night) so when I do, I'll post it for you. Kate got the singing trophy last year in her class which is the same level Ella is in now. Kate went up a level this year. They sure don't get their singing talent from me!
So after a huge year of festivals, competitions, workshops, exams and concerts it's time to enjoy the Christmas party tomorrow and enjoy the well deserved break until February!

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