Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday in the Sun

My much planned home day yesterday didn't go to plan. The girls were getting tetchy by lunchtime and wanted to get out and enjoy the suns rays. The backyard just wasn't cutting it for them. So I got online and looked for a new playground we hadn't visited before. Kates days of playgrounds are numbered, so when she is keen we go.

The Woodbridge Riverside Park is set on the banks of the Swan River. It's only been opened a few shorts months, and is just fabulous!

There was a few keen people fishing and the girls suggested we come back another day with their rods.

The park was pretty busy today with the beautiful weather. It got rather hot though, lucky they have a pretty cool water play area where the kids cooled off.

The best place to be

There is play equipment for all ages, flying foxes (very popular!) swings, roundabouts, pirate ship and much more! Lots of picnic tables (which were mostly full with birthday parties) self-cleaning and locking toilets (which the girls loved!) All fully fenced.

The wooden tunnels were great to hide from the sun for a bit

The flying fox was popular and the girls had to line up for awhile!
Jonah would love this!

After the park, we headed to an ice cream parlour just up the road, delicious homemade ice cream (very expensive though!)

Ella has a mango/vanilla combo. After this photo we moved inside as it was too hot outside!

We got home just after 5pm, all a little bit weary from the sunshine! Hope you all had a happy Sunday too!

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Tammi Nepia said...

Wow, that park looks amazing! We tend to stick close to home when out and about but I think a visit there will be on the cards over the summer break.

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