Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The End of an Era and the City

Well today marked the end of an Era as Kate had her last day at Primary School. She leaves ahead of many of her friends to start high school a year early at Year Seven.

We set off by train into the city tonight for a wander around and some dinner.

The train was quiet on the way into the city at 6pm
Kate with her 'treat' nails!
The wind was a bit cool tonight so we were glad we took jumpers along

The girls opted for Subway for tea after they saw APAN (Australian Performing Arts Network) were performing and it was close-by. They were super excited when they recognised familiar faces from their dance school were involved.

A funny looking Father Christmas arrived too!

The lovely young lady in the maroon top was Kates hip hop teacher this year. She's about to move to the UK in a few days time to extend her dancing career,
We then shopped at City Beach where the girls chose a new sunhat each

We stopped to chat to the camels who were there for the play

We then had a wander around, looking at the decorations. They had some wonderful huge cards that the girls loved. They played great Christmas messages. We bought hot chocolates, watched a bit more dancing (this time they were in costume) and caught the train back home. It was a great evening out!

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Lilian said...

It's the end of an era too for us. I found your blog through another blogger and am amazed at how similar Kate is to my Pip (both love their dancing and both heading into high school next year). And we have chickens too (bantams).

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