Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Week of Summer Holidays

It's been a particularly hot summer so far. I've struggled to keep the garden going and the grass alive. Our retic is on the blink, so is one of our air cons (the main one in the lounge room) . Thank goodness for the roller shutters (and ceiling fans) Seriously they are fabulous. They block out so much of the heat making Perth summers more bearable.

We are into our final week of the long summer school holidays. I am not quite ready for the girls to go back, they are nowhere near ready they tell me! I love having them home, they are such good company. I'm not looking forward to the routine, the rush in the mornings, the school lunches, uniforms and homework.

We have all had a good break though. Lots of lazy days with no rushing and no stress. To me this is what the holidays are all about. Recharging for the term ahead.

Beautiful buds on "Mother's Love"

The school uniforms are all ready to go. Kates stationery is done, we have picked up her Macbook from high school. Tomorrow we will pop into Ellas school and pick up her books and find out what class she is in.

The feijoa trees are growing well

When I can muster up some energy and the weather cools again, I will head out the back to tackle the poor neglected vege garden and other areas. There is alot of work to be done out there though, so it might be awhile.

Anyone know what this might be? I grew it from a cutting, can't recall who gave it to me!

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The Doylies said...

You have a fejoa tree!Yum!!

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