Thursday, January 10, 2013

Summer bike ride.

With tonight being cooler than it has been lately (it was 23 deg at 6pm) we set off for a much overdue bikeride. Usually by now we have been numerous times in the evening, but the recent heatwave has caused us to just flake each evening.

Our little neighbourhood has lots of trees and paths that lead past playgrounds, schools and through bushland making for an interesting ride.

By the time I caught up with the girls, they had already stopped at the first playground for a play ...

We biked past many pretty summer flowers all bursting with colour, and onto another playground near the shopping centre which has the girls favourite swings.

There were still plenty of shoppers out and about

They love riding up and down this little bridge

We walked for abit with our bikes before Kate wanted some silly pose photos taken. Then they found some grass and did a bit of acrobats!

The girls wanted to crunch in the fallen leaves ...

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