Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today ...

We enjoyed poached eggs for breakfast courtesy of our chickens!

Enjoyed fresh fruit for morning tea

Enjoyed craft with friends

Played with the Sylvanians while I had a wee nap (got up at 4am)

We had some rain which the passionfruit vine lapped up!

The chooks enjoyed the cooler temps after sweltering through weeks of hot weather

There was playing on the ipad

Instagram is popular as well as Skype, Youtube and Facetime

There was chickens on skateboards

There was cuddles with best friends

There was hand feeding the feathered friends

There was a super quick trip to the library half an hour before closing to returned a book that had been reserved. Not much time to choose much.

There was the Sponge Bob Square Pants fan before bedtime!

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