Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Weeks Down

Well we have survived the first 2 weeks back of school. We have the school run down pat to 2 different schools now, we leave home at 7:45am to drop Kate off first, and then back to Ella's school by 8:20am. In the afternoon Ella gets picked up first at 3pm, and we get to Kates school around 3:20pm. She finishes then but doesn't get out to the car until 3:30pm so it works out well. We are home around 3:45pm. The girls are getting used to getting up around 6:15am. We organize bags, homework and uniforms at nights so less hassle in the morning.

Dancing is going well too, taking up Mon, Tues, Wed and Saturdays. They will be performing at our local festival next month, so are looking forward to that.

The weather has been unbearably hot. The air con is still on the blink, this week someone is coming to look at it, so hopefully it can be fixed or we will have to replace it.

Ruby is enjoying Year 3, and Jonah has just started 3 year old Kindy!

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