Monday, March 04, 2013

Labour Day

Today being a public holiday I had thought we might go out for lunch. Trouble was when the time came, the girls' didn't want to get dressed and go anywhere. Phil was busy studying, and even though after a while, they said they would, I knew they didn't really want to. So I took the opportunity to go for a peaceful drive on my own.

 I drove up into the hills, through Bickley Valley. It was so peaceful. I got out to take some photos along the way, and meet this delightful chap who ran over to the fence for a pat.

His friend didn't even look up! The valley was very dry, but gorgeous however, I could easily live here!

I stopped and had a look at Carmel College. How would you like the view while studying?

 I stopped off to look at the rose gardens where I planned to have lunch, but knew as soon as I saw all the cars parked on the roadside, there was not a chance!

 I stopped to look at the fish, I saw someone had been feeding Nutrigrain to them!

 One last stop on the way home at a lookout that looks out to Perth City!

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