Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lake Leschenaultia

While the weather is still so gorgeous, we decided to spend Easter Sunday up in the hills at a favourite spot for the locals.
We threw some food in the picnic basket (we bought lunch up there, but well you know kids and fresh air = never stop eating!)
The water was icy cold despite the outside temperature, but that didn't stop lots of kids swimming.

After lots of swimming, the girls wanted to go canoeing! So we hired a canoe and rowed on the lake for an hour!
After the canoe, we had ice creams and then the girls had a final swim. By then it was nearly 4pm and they were starting to get cold. So we went for a walk, then back to our spot, packed up our things and headed for the car for the long drive home!

1 comment:

The Doylies said...

Looks like it was a perfect day.And what a gorgeous spot!we are always looking for new places to explore in perth.Isn't the weather divine at the moment?SO glad summer is over!

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