Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ella wrote lovely words
5am and we are up and ready!
12 years have flown by
6am pancakes for breakfast
cupcakes for school friends
a long awaited phone
One Direction doona and pillow pets from Ella
Special afternoon tea
candles in a cupcake
blowing them out

A very quiet day for Kate turning 12 today. Wednesday's are extremely busy with Kate having hip hop before class, so we leave home at 6:50am. We were up at 5am for presents and pancakes then off to school. After school we get home at 3:45pm and leave for singing and hip hop at 4pm, so a very quick afternoon tea and out the door. We put some candles in a cupcake and sang happy birthday in-between classes, Kate chose nachos for dinner (forgot to get a photo) and we all fell into bed at 9:30pm exhausted. Now she is looking forward to her party and the beginning of the holidays!

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