Sunday, July 14, 2013

Out and About

After a couple of days home, we were keen to get out for a few hours this afternoon. The weather was overcast and a little cool but no rain so we set off to somewhere we haven't been before. We were not disappointed. A huge pirate ship that suited the girls ages, a cafe, and sand and water for a stroll along. The place was packed being a Sunday afternoon and in the middle of the school holidays.

While the girls' played chasey and hide and seek on the massive wooden ship, I walked around the walkways for some much needed exercise. The view was amazing.

The water was very calm, perfect for the boats out today. Too cold for swimming but we did see plenty of runners and walkers about.

It was great to find a playground that still holds the girls interest. They are getting too big now for most of the local ones unless they are sitting and chatting to their friends. Today I really wanted them to stretch their legs and here they certainly did.

Kate and I had the most delicious cakes - banana with butterscotch sauce and lemon cheesecake, Ella chose a cookie. We all had a hot chocolate too.

This is certainly a place we would choose to visit again - definitely something here for all ages to enjoy!

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