Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dance Concert 2013

setting off for the theatre
Tap - Bring it on
Ella and Ruby together in slow modern
Ella in her slow modern costume. At least they can wear this again! The item is When Christmas Comes to Town
Kate and her friends in the change rooms - always a ton of fun!

Some of the tap class - Tegan, Ebony, Alessia and Kate
Trumpets Lights Mix - Kate hip hop
Grease - singing
Ella's jazz - umbrella
Swan Lake
Last of the night- Kates jazz- Ramalama
Jazz friends - Ashlee, Sarah, Karri and Ella
Ruby's jazz - Shine
Rubys ballet- Les Poissons

 I took a few pics of the girls tonight while I was helping in the dressing rooms. I missed a few costumes -Kates slow modern, Ellas ballet (the same as Kates) Rubys slow modern (the same as Ellas) due to quick changes. The girls had fun though, and get to do it all again tomorrow night (and I get to watch!)

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