Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friday ...

didn't turn out the way I planned at all after discovering at 6am while feeding and watering the chooks that the gas hot water system was pouring water all over the ground. Lucky Phil was home (still asleep) so I woke him and he turned off the hot water.

out with the old

By 10am the plumber had arrived to quote an new one! By 5pm we had hot water again, and a fancy new system with infinity hot water! Just what we need. The last system was 16 years old and they last between 8 and 15years, so it did well (we have been here 9 years, so it was already here when we moved in but was always a bit small for our family and we often ran out of hot water. Never again!

in with the new

The new one looks so small on the wall compared to the old cluncky one. I think I will put some pots of colour underneath to bright it up a bit!

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