Monday, February 26, 2007

Ella starts KINDY!

1st February 2007
Ella was adamant she wasn't going! For weeks we had talked about when she would start, what she would wear, who her teacher would be and all the fun things she would do there! But it didn't make a single bit of difference. On the first big day (well afternoon in our case) Ella was still NOT going! Her little friend Elissa was at our house for the day and we talked all morning about Ella going to Kindy that afternoon. Finally she agreed to go - on the condition she had ice cream for lunch! Hey, anything to get her there right?

Well we had lunch, got her dressed, and set off. No tears at all. I was pleasantly surprised. She had an absolute ball and hasn't looked back since!

I took this photo of her & Elissa just before we went!

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