Monday, February 26, 2007

Ella Turns 4 !!!

Our littlest girl was four on the 10th Feb. She's still petite but very cute! Like most little girls, Ella loves to dress up! And thought she was in heaven when she recieved 3 dress-up dresses for her birthday! What a lovely day!

This one was from Nana & Grandad in NZ!
A beautiful pink twelve dancing princesses dress was unwrapt at her party at Kidz Paradise. It was from her little & big friends Elissa & Kayley, and Deb & Shane!

And last but not least was a purple one with wings. Just lovely, from Jessica & Jack, Jeanie and Vinnie!That night we went to stay at the Bennetts (Elissa, Kayley & Co) Ella had the choice between that or going swimming for the arvo. The Bennetts will win hands down everytime I think. This is the BIG sleepover!

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