Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Busy Day!

Today I feel like I've achieved alot. That's a good thing b/c lately my energy levels have been pretty low. It probably has something to do with only having one day off in the last fortnight. The type of job I do is very physical so it does make me exhausted at times.

Anyway I worked from 8am until 12pm which was so good to get an early finish in.

I got a huge pile of ironing done which mostly I don't mind ironing, but I battle with the heat so I always put it off until it's so big it turns the job into something much bigger. I do love nicely ironed clothes so it's a good feeling when I've finished.

Next I tackled the kitchen. Okay, so we have a dishwasher but there was lots of bits and pieces that don't go in it. After I handwashed a few things, I wipes all the kitchen cupboards inside and out. They are all sparkling now.

Cleaned out the fridge and had a big chuck-out. It's amazing what had been long forgotten at the back. Yucko!

Then we did some decluttering, the girls helping me. Sorted out a few drawers and wardrobes and had a big chuck out. It felt so good.

I was a little weary by the time we had finished, but happy weary. :)

Hope everyone had a good day too.

Love and Peace to you,
Ailsa x

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