Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today I had a much needed day off work. I really really wanted to stay at home and rest, noodle on the computer, maybe a nap? But as I was having my shower I though with my heart and decided to take the girls to Maylands Waterland

It was a place we hadn't visited before, so the girls were excited to go somewhere different. As as it was 38.6 degress, it was a perfect thing to do today. A few swims, a round of mini golf, an icy pole, a play on the playground was enjoyed by all.

Ruby and Ella waiting for their turn at mini-golf

Ruby enjoying an icy pole

Kate enjoying the water fountain

Ready Steady Jump! Ella jumps, Ruby getting ready!

Having a ride on Amie & Brendans backs. What fun!

Ella tries her hand at mini golf.

Running down the river!

Ella enjoying the cool water

Hmmn, I wonder what Ruby is thinking about?

Ruby's turn at golf (sorry missed the ball in the shot)

Kate's turn ...

Kate under water

Ruby & Kate enjoy a slide together

"Come on Kate, get in with us"!!!

Isn't she gorgeous?

A girl needs a sandwich you know!

Who said a girl can't swing with one arm?

Ella has a go too!

Don't you just love her face?


kazari_lu said...

Great Pictures!

it sounds like a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

That looks like sooo much fun!


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