Friday, February 01, 2008

Goodbye to January, Hello to February

I thought 2007 flew by, but I think 2008 might go even quicker!

It's been a really hot month for me ~ I've really struggled with my job and the hot weather. I know February will be just as bad, if not worse.

The school holidays officially finish today. This weekend is my first one of no longer working in almost a year. We have lots on though so won't be bored.

Let's share some of our January successes shall we?

  • I've started a holiday fund. We are planning to go to Fiji later this year.
  • We finally paid off a very very huge phone debt that we incurred while Phil was working in Indonesia.
  • We have a new and better budget set up.
  • I've cut out heaps of junk food and drinking more water. Also I'm trying to get to bed at a more reasonable hour - and feeling better for it already.
  • We got a few more things done around our house that have been put off for nearly 3 years!
  • I've started a huge decluttering project.
  • Tax Returns are done!
  • I'm making more of an effort with a friendship that was slipping away.

Now it's your turn.


Busy Woman said...

Hi Ailsa,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have just had a chance to read through yours. Looks like we are on the same path. Thank you for leaving a comment. It is so nice to find like minded women bloggers.
I will check back regularly.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of giving up coffee and chocolate. DH and I will have to do that together as we can't have it in the house -- we're too susceptible to temptation otherwise.

This should save us money while we're out and about too.


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