Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Last of the Summer Holidays

And so the holidays come to an end
Western Australia

School Returns tomorrow. Kate starts Year 2 and Ella Pre-Primary. For the first time in six years I will have some 'me' time when I'm not at work. Bliss.

We spent the morning finishing off all the labelling/book covering. What a job! Uniforms are ironed and ready to go. Water bottles are half filled and in the freezer. Bags and hats are washed and ready.

The holidays are over. How they have flown by! I've enjoyed the slower pace of life, but no doubt will soon get into the rhythm of routine once more. Especially once the girls activities start on the 11th - tap, jazz, ballet and acrobats.

We took the girls for a swim at Wet n Wild after lunch. They loved the water slides, but the water in the pool was freeeezing!

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