Friday, June 26, 2009

Afternoon Tea

We had a family afternoon tea for the birthday girl this year. Quiet but lovely all the same.
Blue is Kate's favourite colour, but without using food colouring, it is hard to find blue food.
Blueberries are NOT a favourite.
So the food had some pink amongst it too.
She had chosen the movies this year to celebrate - Hannah Montana - but when we checked it out (release date was Thurs) we realised it didn't start in WA until next week.
So she chose Night at the Museum2 which we all liked, although it was quite late and seeing as Kate had been up since 4am, was getting pretty tired.
Next week we will take a couple of her friends to see Hannah Montana!
At bedtime, she declared it to be a wonderful day, her favourite presents were the DSi, skateboard and two pairs of Hannah Montana pj's!

1 comment:

libby said...

Great photos. Those cupcakes look delicious. Hope Kate had a great birthday.


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