Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mid - Year Dancing Concert

Today the girls will dance for us! I'll be back later with hopefully some good photos to share!

Well, I didn't get any photos today! Firstly, we were too far back in the first half to really see (I have a cheap camera) and secondly I forgot I had the camera - I was too busy watching! Nevermind. We all enjoyed watching the show and they all did so well. Very proud!

Here's some photos from the end of year concert last year!

Beautiful ballerina's. They performed "Little Miss Muffet"

Our Jazz girl - performed "Hey Baby!

The Acrobats girl performed "Abracadabra"

Tap girl performed "Baby Face"

Now that the mini-concert is out of the way - it's coming up to exam time! (end of July)

1 comment:

libby said...

What lovely photos. I'm lucky in that my dh is the official photographer for my girls dance studio so I get all the photos I want :-). We only have an end of year concert, which I'm happy about :-).


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