Friday, October 09, 2009

Ice Skating

Well after I finished work today we made the decision to take the girls ice skating. Kate said she felt upto it, although I'm betting maybe she didn't really, but she tried very hard to be better.
The session went for 2 hrs, but by the time we got there, nearly one hour was already up, which suited us fine as I didn't want Kate getting too cold for too long. Plus it was plenty long enough for Jonah, for Ruby who needed alot of help, and for Amie who had to keep stopping to feed Jonah. Ella was in her element and after going around once holding onto the sides, she took off like she had been doing it forever. Kate was pretty cold and wet afterwards, so we headed to the cafe for hotdogs and hot chocolates. We will definitley have to go again.

1 comment:

libby said...

Looks like loads of fun. Glad Kate was feeling well enough to get out there and enjoy it.


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