Friday, October 09, 2009

Poor Kate

Kate is not well at all. She has a strep throat which is causing her to cough and cough and cough some more. All day and all night until she vomits. She's on AB's which have stomped the fever out, pretty soon we are hopeful that the other symptons will subside. She also has either Swine Flu or a croup type virus that is going around at present. It's nearly the end of the school holidays. We have two things left on the list the kids wish to do. Swimming and Ice Skating. This afternoon is the only day we can go skating as Ruby goes to her grandparents tonight for the weekend. Dancing starts back tomorrow and they can't afford to miss any more classes with a concert coming up! School swimming lessons start on Tuesday, in term 4. Get well Kate, you poor poppet!

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