Saturday, October 03, 2009

Telethon 2009

Amie & I packed the kids in the car today and headed to the Perth Convention Centre to the Telethon kids carnival.

Balloons are always a favourite, by the end of the day they had collected a whole lot more- yellow, green and red ones too.

Kate & Ella loved rolling in these huge balls!

Jonah was a very good wee boy!

Face painting is a must!

Finally a shot (or two) of the fabulous four!!!

Bunny Rabbit Ella giving Jonah a cuddle

Kate having a slide!

They also enjoyed many free activities- colouring-in, play doh, lots of ball games, their was dancing and Fat Cat show but we managed to miss all this! Lunch was expensive (thanks Amie!) and the car parking cost outrageous!!! Never mind, the kids had a fun day out.

1 comment:

libby said...

Looks like the girls had a ball. And Jonah is as cute as always :-).


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