Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ella's Birthday Day Out at Adventure World

The entrance to the kids area

We had a family day out today, mainly to celebrate Ella's birthday this year instead of a party. We took them all to Adventure World, which was an adventure as the little ones have never been before. It was a really hot day though (37 deg) so in between riding on the roller coaster, the chair lifts, paddle boats and other rides, the girls were in and out of the pools. We stayed all day until closing, it didn't take too long to get the girls to bed tonight - they were all plumb tuckered out! What a great day!

sweet smiley Jonah

Kate looks over the park from above

Phil & Ella share a ride

One of the water slides they went on

The little girls loved this kids roller coaster and went on it over and over

Ruby on the kids boats

These fish were huge!

Amie & Ruby crash into Phil & Ella
Kate didn't go on these but went on a scarier ride with Amie that I don't have a good photo of

Ruby heads off with Phil's water pistol he won on the clown's mouths

Ooops, she lost the water pistol!

And now it's Ruby's turn to get hit in the face with the water!

Ella loved the little kids slides and pools

Kate in the middle has yet another turn on the roller coaster

Kate & Ruby in the dragons mouth

Kate & Ella peddle madly over the top of the park

The girls loved this simple ride

I love this photo of Ruby & Phil peddling over the top!

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libby said...

Awesome photos. Looks like everyone had a fantastic day. Looks a bit like our local water park but with more "dry" rides.


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