Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Ella

Ella had a wonderful day today on her 7th birthday. She woke around 6:15am ( I was up anyway as Ruby & Jonah were dropped off around 6am) and we headed in to wake Kate for the present opening. Kate had carefully hidden all the gifts in the lounge room as requested by Ella the night before. She got the DSi she desperately wanted, plus a couple of games, a new sleeping bag, a new cover for her bed and pillow, a book - Pippi Longstocking, earrings, and a watch. Kate gave her some Littlest Pet Shops for her collection, some earrings and a pair of Tinkerbell pyjamas for winter. Amie, Brendan, Jonah & Ruby gave her some Barbie skate shoes which she also wanted as Ruby got some recently. We had a lovely afternoon tea complete with the Tinkerbell cake that Ruby helped me ice today! After work Amie bought more gifts for the birthday girl - a beautiful jewellery box, another little box with drawers to keep all her treasures, and some fairy earrings. And a birthday balloon! I think she did very very well this year!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl.
We love you xxxxxxx

1 comment:

libby said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!!

Sounds like she had a fabulous day. Love the cake - it looks fantastic!


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