Saturday, August 14, 2010


We have been reading Hungry Planet : What the World Eats which we borrowed from the library, but I have ordered it as I think it will be a valuable book to have on the book shelf for learning about what food families from the World eat and how little some families spend and how much we in Australia spend!

The kids have been pouring of the beautiful colour photos and reading about all the families from around the World. They have read it over and over from cover to cover fascinated.

It is really disgusting to see how much processed food and drink people consume. I was really taken by a family of 12 from Bhutan that spends $5 a week on food. They grow their own rice and hot peppers that they eat with every meal. They eat 70 pounds of rice a week! They buy a few other vegetables to eat with it and a few times a year someone in the village will kill an animal and share it with all the families.

I’m not saying they have the healthiest diet in the world but it is simple and they are grateful for it. If most people throughout history have lived on very simple diets then why do we need gourmet? It’s like toys. The more you have and the fancier they are the less children will play with them. Millions of people in the world eat rice for every meal, or some other such staple.

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libby said...

I've had that book on to buy list for a while after I saw the Time mag. photos about it. Really does make you stop and think doesn't it?


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