Friday, August 13, 2010


My poor wee girl has the chicken pox. She has been immunised but it's obviously done nothing. She hasn't got a mild dose either but she has it bad. A million and one spots and more popping up all the time. They are in her mouth, on her eyelids and her private bits. She's done nothing for 3 days but sleep and soak in a bath with Pinetarsol. She's been vomiting with it too. She started some french knitting tonight which I bought her today to keep her busy. We have some library books and dvd's to get through the next week or so as well. Her class has been really affected. 14 kids down so far with it. Ruby has it as well (she has also been vaccinated) but only has a mild dose (8 spots) Kate hasn't been immunised as it wasn't available to her at 18mths. We shall see if she gets it.

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libby said...

Poor thing. Sounds nasty - and not at all what you'd expect when she's been immunised. Amy had a very mild dose a few years back. Hope she recovers soon. There is nothing worse than seeing our babies sick and being unable to help them - besides giving them lots of love :-).


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