Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Six

Okay, so what do you do with four kids in a small house (Amie's) when they are getting sick of each other? Head to the park, of course!

I discovered this new playground down the road from Amie's house last Thursday when I took Jonah for a walk. I knew the girls would love it, so I saved it for today when Amie was at work.
It had been raining a bit in the morning but was clear by 11am so we set off. (the power was out for an hour due to work outside so was a perfect time to go)
We stopped on the way at the bakery and got some lunch and we ate it while we walked along.
It was really windy and still overcast but the kids all had a great time and didn't want to leave. They kept asking me to take more photos, I took 47 which was heaps for just a playground!

Playgrounds are such cheap & cheerful entertainment, that I'll be sad once my kids outgrow them!

Cool clock for small hands

Miss Ruby trying out the slide

Not sure what happened here!

The girls had turns on each others knee

This small wee man was a big fan of the slides

The slides were lots of fun for all

In size order from biggest to smallest (well almost the smallest!)

Love this photo of Ella with her hair blowing in the wind

Mastering the steps upto the slides

Making words was a hit with all ages!

Jonah pulling the girls on the swings

1 comment:

Libby said...

Yes, I do miss the park days. Christy would still be happy to go but Amy (11.5) is definitely past it. I also miss play centers - that used to be my chance to sit and read some of my mags :-).
That Jonah is SUCH a cutie!


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