Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Two

We took Phil to the airport again today as he's working in Brisbane for a few days this week (and probably next) The girls wanted to wait until he took off so we did that. When we left it was lunchtime so we headed to Hungry Jacks, the girls wanted to eat at a fantastic park near the airport which we haven't been to in ages. It was packed as expected on a sunny Sunday.
Amie, Brendan, Ruby & Jonah joined us for an hour (we stayed over 2.5hrs!)

Meals being loaded onto the flight

The wonderful playground that was packed on this beautiful day

The girls spent most of the 2.5 hrs we were at the park
playing on this spinny thing! Lots of Dads/Uncles/Grandfathers
were pleaded with from the kids to give them a push

Older kids enjoy a canoe ride

Stretching their wings

The birds enjoying the beautiful day by the river

Ella climbs to the top of the monkey bars

Ruby on the swing

Back from a walk along the river

Jonah loved chasing the birds!

Jonah with his Daddy (Brendan)

Amie enjoying an end-of-day ice cream

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