Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Three

After doing some chores this morning, we decided to get out again for some sun and fresh air, so we headed to Hillary's Boat Harbour which is about 30mins north of our house.
Being a public holiday today and the start of the school holidays we expected it to be pretty packed.
Hillary's has a long surf beach, and also water areas protected by a manmade boat harbour making it a safe place to kids to play.
Of course it is surrounded by many eating places and shops. The girls needed some new sunnies so we got those today.
There are also activities that cost - mini golf, giant trampolines, waterslides but we will save those for another time.

Digging for treasures

Kate the Great

Off to test the water

They were only supposed to paddle their feet as the water was still chilly

Collecting crystals as the girls call them is a very important part of the beach

The girls shot off to the playground which they decided they were now too big for.
If you look very closely, you can see Kate at the top to the left of the slide and
Ella running up the steps on the right.

Hotdogs taste better by the water

We enjoyed watching everyone from the top while we had ice cream.
Kids on scooters, Grandparents deep in conversation with their grandchildren,
young couples sitting close watching the World go by!

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Libby said...

What a beautiful place to spend some time. Kids never care how cold the water is do they?


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