Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Four

Today we slept in abit and then started the day with choc chip banana muffins! They were delicious. We headed down to the shops soon after - we needed to get some art shirts for tomorrow as the girls are going to a holiday program, and their art shirts are at school. We couldn't find any so I suggested the Op shop and get some bigger size t shirts they can use over their clothes. The girls love Op shopping and came out with a few goodies each. Kate got this t shirt in the photo and Ella this HSM jumper. Neither I would pick, but it's good to see them developing their own style.

We came home for a quick lunch before picking up Ella's best friend Hannah and her sister Isla (and their Mum) and heading to the ice skating rink!
The girls had a great time although were rather chilly when the session ended. Hot chocolate soon warmed them up!

and off we go

This is harder than it looks

Hannah, Kate, Isla and Ella

Ella and her best friend Hannah


Libby said...

How fun. My girls have never been ice skating but they love roller skating.


The Doylies said...

Hi.I've read your blog for awhile so am not snooping,honest!i'm just wondering where this ice skating rink is in perth??We live in the southern suburbs.It looks fun.

Ailsa said...

Hi Lee

I remember your blog! I didn't realise you had started it up again YAY! Anyway the rink is called Perth Ice Arena and it's in Malaga. We have been to the one in Cockburn which we think is much better!


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