Monday, October 25, 2010


We have been spending alot of our weekend time in the garden lately.
Soon it will be too hot to get out there except early mornings and evenings so we are making the most of the spring weather.

We transplanted the vegetable plants yesterday, they have been growing so well in the pots we grew from seed, but are now running out of room

We've had plenty of strawberries to eat, they were delicious.

We only have 5 roses at the front of the house. We were going to rip them out (and probably still will when we decide what to replace them with) but have left them for now. The climate here is not really suitable for roses in my opinion. Too hot and too dry.
Gardening is such an expensive hobby though, we don't have much luck growing from a cutting, so we have to buy the plants and all the nurseries around here cost and arm and a leg!

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Libby said...

The garden is looking great. Must be hard for your's with all the hot weather that you've had. Those roses are gorgeous.


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